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The stresses of a work day can be overwhelming. It can be full of anxiety and stress that can unconsciously affect you. What if it was possible to take a moment in the middle of your day to destress and regain that mental balance that is required to function at your best. Tranquility Community Health is now offering Yoga and Pilates sessions at businesses. These session can be scheduled during lunches or breaks at your work place making the management of your health more convenient for you.


Author: Tranquility Community Health

Primarily funded by community members and clients interested in encouraging health, wellness, and better quality of life for all. Mission Our Mission The objective of Tranquility Community Health is to restore balance and enhance psychological and physical well-being by empowering individuals with the foundations of life: nourishment, movement and mindfulness. Our vision is to use customized, innovative programs that integrate nutrition, physical activity and physiological awareness to improve individual fulfillment and enjoyment of life. We encourage all to cultivate the fundamental elements of optimal quality of life and to create forward movement through example and education. Description Our Purpose Tranquility Community Health is primarily funded by donations from community members and clients interested in encouraging health, wellness, and better quality of life for all. Donations support sleep assessment and restoration for a variety of clients suffering from metabolic, cardiac, and sleep disorders. donations also provide a means to bring health science to the community through nutritional and physical education. Call or email for your free consultation today! (760) 887-2294 or email: The development of Tranquility Community Health comes at a time of increasing prevalence of disorders that are preventable and treatable through simple lifestyle changes. Some examples include cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus ii, environmentally induced cancers, auto-immune disorders, depression and much more. Poor physiological and psychological health predispose communities to reduced economic growth and success due to reduced productivity as well as increased cost of basic health care needs. This trend is affecting children as young as 10-14 years of age, pushing our communities to greater preventable morbidity. Tranquility Community Health is geared toward altering this predisposition by bringing example, education, and intervention to the community.

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