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Biomarker Testing

The term biomarker refers to a molecule (enzymes, hormones, genes, gene products, etc) measured in blood that reflects the state of health of a particular organ or tissue system in the body. Biomarker values that deviate from accepted normal values for a healthy physiological state reflect the potential or presence of particular diseases or disorders. However, other types of parameters can also be ‘biomarkers”. For example, high blood pressure is positively
correlated to stroke.

There are specific biomarkers for most disorders and diseases:
Immunity and Inflammation
Endocrine (pancreatic, thyroid, gonadal, etc)
Calcium regulation
Many more!

Trending of biomarkers aids in prevention, early diagnosis, early intervention, and overall improvement of health.

A biomarker analysis is integrated into creating an individualized plan toward overall health with nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, education, and communication.

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