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Sleep Assessment and Restoration

Snoring is not harmless!

Snoring is a sign that you might be experiencing sleep apnea or stress during sleep. Sleep apnea is becoming a prevalent medical problem and is estimated to affect up to 18 million Americans including children. People who have the condition stop breathing for periods of 10 or more seconds while sleeping. Sleep apnea results in a drop in oxygen and rise in carbon dioxide, which causes an arousal that may or may not be recognized by the individual. These arousals result is interrupted sleep and a physiological stress response. A common symptom of sleep apnea is daytime sleepiness.

Sleep disturbances have been linked to:
Metabolic Syndrome
Cardiac Disorders
Cognitive Problems
Sexual Dysfunction
Premature Death
Memory Loss

If you experience symptoms below, you may be at risk for sleep disturbance-related health problems?

Feel irritable
Feel sad or depressed due to poor sleep
Wake up at night coughing or wheezing
Feel like you are in a daze during the day
Have racing thoughts inhibiting sleep
Anticipate sleep problems
Have vivid dreams upon falling asleep
Have sleep “attacks” during the day
Feel sleepy /struggle to stay alert during day
Have crawling sensations in legs when falling asleep
Arms or legs jerk while sleeping
Frequently wake up & have trouble falling back asleep
Have lower energy than expected
When surprised/upset, muscles feel limp
Are overweight
Wake up earlier than you would like or fall asleep too late
Snore or hold your breath while sleeping
Wake up gasping for breath
Have morning headaches
Have high blood pressure
Wake up with dry mouth
Have nighttime heartburn

For Consultation:
** Fees for consultation are by donation only and used to serve our hard-working community members!

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